Monkeypox cases rise to 574 in the UK as 46 new infections detected

By: KHODED KING / June 17, 2022 / 15

Monkeypox cases rise to 574 in the UK as 46 new infections detected

46 new cases of monkeypox have been announced in the UK today, bringing the total to 574, with Brits being urged to look out for any new rashes or blisters.


There are currently 550 confirmed cases in England, 16 in Scotland, 2 in Northern Ireland and 6 in Wales.


In recent weeks around 1,600 cases have been detected globally – something experts say is “concerning”, The Sun reports.


In the US, 100 cases have been confirmed, with New York and California being the worst hit places.


A report by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) last week revealed that most cases have been in men who are gay, bisexual or men who have sex with men.


Dr William Welfare, Incident Director at UKHSA, said: “As case numbers of monkeypox continue to rise and with many summer events and festivals ahead, we’re reminding people to be aware of the symptoms of monkeypox, particularly if you’ve recently had new or multiple sexual partners, to help prevent further spread and protect others.


“If you have a rash with blisters, or any other monkeypox symptoms, don’t go to events, meet with friends or have sexual contact.”

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