Parliament Adopts Motion To Enact Patriotic Bill, Again

By: KHODED KING / June 17, 2022 / 17

Parliament Adopts Motion To Enact Patriotic Bill, Again

The National Assembly on Tuesday adopted a motion by Pupurai Togarepi (ZANU PF) calling for the enactment of the Patriotic Act.

The motion is also seeking to block people who allegedly called for Western countries to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe from contesting in elections.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Togarepi urged the Minister of Justice Ziyambi Ziyambi to help bring the Bill to Parliament. He said:

It is unfortunate that the virtual platform is gone, but I would like to thank the Honourable Members who debated this motion.

I want to thank them that they have debated very much aware of the needs of the people of Zimbabwe to be loyal and patriotic.

Mr Speaker Sir, I should say that the Government, through the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, must help us to come up with this law – a law that will ensure that the people of Zimbabwe protect the interests of their country more than personal self-centred interests.

After having said that Mr Speaker, I move for the adoption of this motion.

This is the second time that ZANU PF legislators and Parliament have moved the motion and adopted it respectively.

Cabinet has already approved the principles of the Patriotic Bill though the Government has in the past denied harbouring such intentions.

The passing of the Bill may negatively impact Zimbabwe’s re-engagement efforts.

Early this year, the issue of the Bill was brought up for discussion in the UK Parliament and legislators raised displeasure.

It remains to be seen if the Government goes ahead with passing the proposed law.

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