State House Is Arresting Me For Seeking PF Presidency- Kambwili

By: KHODED KING / June 17, 2022 / 12

State House Is Arresting Me For Seeking PF Presidency- Kambwili

State House Is Arresting Me For Seeking Pf Presidency- Kambwili


PF presidential aspirant Chishimba Kambwili claims “the meeting that was held at State House resolved” to have him arrested and locked up, now that he has been appointed into the PF central committee and thereby removing whatever eligibility hurdles that could have stood in his way to seek the former ruling party presidency.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Kambwili claimed that he was aware of the plot to confine him to the courts, claiming “the agreement from the meeting was that let’s treat him the way he was treated under PF so that he can be confined to the courts in attempts to reduce his effectiveness on the political field.”

When queried on the same purported meeting he was talking about, Kambwili said it was not a purported meeting, but an actual meeting which took place at State House to devise ways to stopping him.

He said the plan was to arrest him like a common criminal, by treating him like a fugitive so that they could pounce on him on Saturday morning after surrounding his property and then keep him in detention the whole weekend.

“But in the meeting one suggested that…

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