Zuma Responds To Ramaphosa’s Alleged $4m Scandal

By: KHODED KING / June 17, 2022 / 12

Zuma responds to Ramaphosa’s alleged $4m scandal


Ramaphosa gained notoriety when five Namibians made off with $4 million from his Phala Phala game. And he may lose his presidency as a result. It is also speculated that he contacted Namibian President Hage Geingob in an effort to track down the fugitives. To further certain that the money was recovered, he dispatched a police officer undercover to the area. This was interpreted as an attempt at cover-up, and he is now facing charges of money laundering due to the presence of $4 million in his home’s bank accounts. Jacob Zuma and his supporters have benefited from the scandal surrounding Ramaphosa because of the shift in power it has caused. In a tweet written in Zulu, President Jacob Zuma responded.

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“Oops! What exactly did the ANC president say? The ANC, he claimed, is the most corrupt organization on the planet. Welp, it looks like rain in Gog’s Palace! At the end of the day, he’d swap the signs by moving the one on the platform to the door and the one on the door to the platform.

Zuma Responds To Ramaphosa’s Alleged $4M Scandal
Zuma responds to Ramaphosa’s alleged $4m scandal

People dislike Zuma because he spent 245 million rands (about $31 million) of public money on his Nkandla estate instead of using it to aid regular citizens. The fact that he is friendly with the foreign Gupta brothers is another reason why his countrymen dislike him. Their connection to him was made possible by Nelson Mandela. They are being blamed for a government takeover and money laundering.735056c3447847768ef1928245c44655?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720

After Zuma resigned, the ANC lost its Secretary General, Women’s League, and Youth League. Under Ramaphosa, the ANC does not recognize the MKMVA.

Source – Zambianobserver.com

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